Welcome to the Real Deal Podcast Party!

Anything goes on this mind melting podcast, so if you’re looking for something PG to listen to in the office, this is NOT it. Be ready to be annoyed, offended, outraged… GOOD! Anything to push the boundaries of what we think and how we live is welcome, and even necessary! This podcast has been a work in progress since March of 2014 and is finally ready to launch! Against what some might call my better judgment, I have decided to release the very first podcasts I recorded. Having said that, the earlier podcasts are a pretty accurate reflection of where I was 8 months ago; depressed, lost, directionless, lonely, confused and taking refuge in my friendships with amazing people. In fact, that’s not too far from where I am now, but I certainly have learned a lot more about my self and about the world we live in since then. I hope to continue to bring you new and fresh conversations that better represent my life and attitude at the moment, and keep us current and up to date. So sit back, grab your favorite food, beverage or other to ingest, and enjoy the show!